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Of course, this clip was just a teaser, so there may be a broader context to his remarks, but I think he’s doing an injustice to the right’s view of art.

For one thing, institutional capture by the left has caused whole industries to be hostile to right wing points of view. Mainstream, media, publishing, film, and television are all biased against anything that doesn’t conform to their side’s narrative.

We are beginning to see some breakthroughs, for example, the independently funded film The Sound of Freedom, although politically conservative, it has been a financial success. But organizing such funding without recourse to the standard, Hollywood sources is a major challenge.

Country music, a traditional source of storytelling (especially in the south) features many traditional values in song format. Recently, Jason Aldean ruffled feathers with his song, Try That In A Small Town. The response from mainstream media and establishment musicians (such as Sheryl Crow) was immediate condemnation.

There have also been books for children countering gender theory, but again it’s hard to get them published, and it’s hard to get them distributed to libraries, schools, online bookstores, etc. — a challenge that the left does not face. Amazon initially refused to sell Abigail Schrier’s Irreversible Damage, although they did eventually relent, and it’s a bestseller.

Obviously, this needs to be changed for the good of society. I mean... diversity is good, riiiiiiiight?

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There is definitely more to the conversation. I think you'll like it. The full episode is about an hour and 40 min.

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