Sitemap - 2021 - Speaking Wrong At The Right Time

2021 Has Been a Year I Am Thankful For

The 'Right' Shouldn't Make Kyle A Martyr like the 'Left' did with George

Media Manipulation & Weaponizing Black Fears

Discovering what we have in Common than Different

America: The Land of Cosplaying Revolutionaries

Caring About Black Lives Means Advocating for School Choice

We Live in a Patronizing Nation & We are Tired of it

The Insinuation that Black Conservative Thought is not their own

You are our Villains Pretending to be our Saviors

Why was Joseph Rosenbaum free?

The Difference Between the 'Elite' & 'Elitists' and Why It Matters

Lonely, Friendless & Woke: The Silent Epidemic

The 'Most Compassionate' are Indifferent to your Death

You’re Not Entitled To Our Emotions or Advocacy

My Son is My Best Man

The Difference Between Being 'Colorblind' and Saying You're 'Colorblind'

Democrats & Republicans: The Distraction That Keeps on Giving

How To Effectively Communicate for Political Discussions

Why I still believe in Marriage Despite Being "Red-Pilled"

Hollywood Has Destroyed Black Characters While Promoting 'Oppression P*rn'

The Bigotry of Perspectives

Why the modern woman is an unhappy woman

F**kboy Culture & the Death of the Masculine Man

The Hypocrisy of Blacks Calling Other Blacks 'Coons'

Not everyone wants the responsibility of Freedom (but I do)

America: The Land of the Ungrateful and Entitled

The Clash Between Christianity and Woke Ideology

Let me explain: Prejudging people is necessary and for your own survival

Speaking in Extremes causes People to reject your Ideas; Libertarian Edition

We Need to Advocate For a "Redemption Culture" Instead of a "Cancel Culture"

Stop Engaging in Bad-Faith Conversations with People

Cultural Ignorance and Curiosity is not Hatred

A Single Trial is Not Necessarily Indicative of a Greater Problem

Why are we threatened by traditions?