Sitemap - 2022 - Speaking Wrong At The Right Time

2022: A Year Of Many Blessings

I Hate Being In the "Black Conservative" Box

Scammed & Evicted: How We Ended Up In A Homeless Shelter

You Are Not Your Anxiety: Strategies For Overcoming Anxiety

Why We Associate Being Black With Poverty

Is Transracial Identity Acceptance That Far-Fetched?

Quit Acting Like Kanye's Savior; He's Not A Victim

For Thanksgiving, I'm Thankful For Life's Tribulations

I Went From Being Scared To Leave My Home To Traveling The World

Quit Infantilizing Politicians: It Helps No One

Universal Rhetoric For Manipulation In Politics

A Woman On The Airplane Cried While Reading My Book

Republicans Didn't Get A Red-Wave; They Got A Red-Warning

Americans Are Tired of Condescending Democrats

COVID Tyrants Don't Deserve Amnesty; They Deserve Indignation

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I Voted Republican for the First Time & Here is Why...

Fathers Aren't Indifferent to their Children; They're Necessary

Democrats: The Party Of Pander

The Mainstream Media Lied to Me About Conservatives

What Men Don't Fully Understand About Women: Comfort

I am Quitting My Job to Follow My Dreams...

Comparing Black People To Dogs Makes You A Racist

I fully support Christian Walker’s decision to speak out about his father, Herschel Walker.

What Is A Man?

Apologize to the People You Hurt; You Won't Regret It

What Happened to the Anti-War Left?

The Proliferation Of the Savior Mentality

I Let Her Kill My Child - The Regret I Live with Post-Abortion

Believable Victims & Incapable Liars - When Truth Is Avoided for Political Correctness

The Energy From Activism Doesn't Disappear; It Changes Form

What is the American Dream & Why I Believe In It

Is America Experiencing a 'Revenge Of the Nerds' Moment?

Single-Parenthood is a Vulnerability Exploited by Abusers & Predators

We Can All Unite Over Protecting Children from Groomers & Predators

Activists Are the Problem; Not the Demographic of People

Is School Choice A Band-Aid for Broken Families?

How & Why The Political Spectrum Has Shifted

Democrats Dismissed Americans' Concerns; Now They Want You Back

To Implement Censorship, Joe Rogan Must Be Silenced

We've Entered the Age of Casual Prostitution