Sitemap - 2023 - Speaking Wrong At The Right Time

"If you demonize a certain group it will come to a point when you'll see that pushback." -Ada Akpala

"Democratic elites hate charter schools BECAUSE they perform better and give disadvantaged kids a chance"

The New Normal of Congressional Expulsion

Cultural Misery and the Projection of Relationship Failure

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Does The Release Of An 'Epstein List' Prove Anything?

You 'Deserve' Nothing; You Earn Everything

"Insufferable entitlement behind Wu’s only ‘people of color’ Christmas party"

From Lonely To Married: How To Attract Healthy Women

Scummy Privileged Leftist Highway Protestors Hate Us

"The Unintended Consequences of a War on Mexican Cartels"

"Removing Claudine Gay won’t change a thing at the odious Harvard"

Psychological Distress: How One Conversation Can Change Someone's Life

My Latest NY Post Article: Sports journalism utterly sucks

ICYMI: I Lost 75 Pounds

My Latest NY Post Article: 94-year-old Veteran Evicted From Housing To Convert to Migrant Housing (Video Included)

Breaking Bread with Adam Foster in Ft. Lauderdale, FL - Episode 20

Relationships & Political Differences: How My Wife and I Overcome This Obstacle

My Appearance on Tomi Lahren's Show "Tomi Is Fearless"

Profits Over Patients: Psychology and the Pill-Pushing Economy

The Presumption Of Parental Abuse & Mistreatment by Leftists

Breaking Bread with Bob Iaccino in Florida - Episode 19 - Speaking Wrong At The Right Time

I Am Thankful For My Friendship With Ron, Who Passed Away

They Didn't Vote For This: Voter Apathy & Lack Of Competition in Major Cities

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You can use rhetoric for 'good' or 'evil', so why not use it for 'good'? (Video)

Leftism and The Crisis of Loneliness

Dear Joan, I Am Not Your Negro: My Reply To A Condescending E-Mail

Breaking Bread with Ada Lluch in Miami, Florida - Episode 18 - Speaking Wrong At The Right Time

"What happens in the U.S starts extrapolating to the rest of the world" - Ada Lluch

Artificial Super-Intelligence is on the Brink of Revolutionizing Our World: The Real Question is, Are We Prepared?

I Lost 68 Pounds in 7 Months and This Is How I Did It

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Here’s why Biden’s bleeding support among black and young Americans

My Nomad Tendencies Are Thankfully Gone Because Of My Wife

Ice Cube vs. the NBA: DOJ Antitrust Probe Could Be a Game Changer

When Good Men Do Something: How God's Plan Led Me To The ARC Conference

Episode 17 - "Breaking Bread with Martha Bueno in Miami, Florida"

"It's [Venezuela] so similar to what I see happening in the U.S. now" -Martha Bueno

“D.C. will make a show out of the victims who died and we will go back to normal. No solution will ever happen.” -Adam B. Coleman

The Breakfast Club’s Bombshell Scandal: DJ Envy, Ponzi Schemes, and Political Reverberations

Episode 16 - "Breaking Bread With Tiffany Justice in Florida"

Why I walked away from the Democrats - My Walkaway Story (Video)

"A quarter of kids [are] reading proficiently in 8th grade" - Tiffany Justice

Evil People Or Evil Ideas?

Episode 15 - "Breaking Bread with Shane Cashman in West Virginia"

"Any hint of you supporting Trump, you were done. They would look at your silence as a way of you saying something." - Shane Cashman

From Celebration To Tragedy: Hamas' Murdering of 260 Trance Festival Attendees & Its Musical Roots In Hippie Culture

Episode 14 - Breaking Bread with Kit Hart in Westminster, MD

"Then they started with the masks on the kids and I said 'absolutely not'" - Kit Hart

My Boy Is Now A Man: Words Of Wisdom for My 18-Year-Old Son

Episode 13 - "Breaking Bread with AJ Swinson in D.C."

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Confidence and The Freedom to Not Care

Memes Are Making Us Stupid

I'm Going On A Social Media Blackout to Focus On My Next Book

Could Your Life Be So Good That You Fear Your Death?

ICYMI: I was on Timcast IRL

I Found Love IRL: How Technology Forces Us To Date Strangers

A Mugshot For The Black Vote: The Right's New Insult

The Anti-Woke Right's Race-Conscious Problem

The Potential Fallout: Trump's Georgia Indictment & The Risks To The Legal System In The Shadow Of Lawfare

Episode 12 - "Breaking Bread with Salomé Sibonex in D.C. Metro"

Do You Know Your Neighbor? - An Isolated Nation Manifests A Polarized Nation

"Leftism is generally a resentment-based political view." - Salome Sibonex - Breaking Bread Series

Episode 11 - "Breaking Bread With George Alexopoulos"

"You have to engage & create culture if you want to win the culture war" - Breaking Bread Episode 11 Teaser

My Wife Saved My Life

Major Weight Loss Update: I've Officially Lost 50 Pounds

Episode 10 - "Breaking Bread With Meg Brock in Bucks County, PA"

"There was no political stance on porn in school"

Today is my Birthday!

"The government blocked my phone number" (Teaser #1 - Ep 10) - Breaking Bread with Meg Brock

Episode 9 - "Why Joe Biden Felt Comfortable Saying 'You Ain't Black'"

"As soon as you stop looking for them [politicians] to save you, you can start saving yourselves."

AACONS Interviews Adam B. Coleman: Mental Health, Fatherlessness, & Crime in the Black Community

Episode 8 - "Breaking Bread with Isaiah Carter in Brooklyn"

"We have been influenced by the most anti-social people who have ever lived" - Teaser 2 - Episode 8

Why Joe Biden Felt Comfortable Saying "You Ain't Black"

"Equity Is Used To End The Middle Class" - Teaser 1 - Breaking Bread With Isaiah Carter in Brooklyn

Episode 7 - "Breaking Bread with Dr. Joel Brown in London"

Episode: 6 - "Insecurity - What Men Can't Talk About"

"Insecurity" - Episode 6 Video Trailer - Speaking Wrong At The Right Time

Our Freedoms & Choices Impact Our Children - My FreedomFest Speech

Acknowledging My Vulnerability: Insecurity

American Library Association Receives $1M Grant To Fight Book Challenges In Court

I've Accepted That I Will Always Be Misunderstood

Admitting I Have A Problem: I Have A Food Addiction

Exclusive Interview: Survivor of New York Sex Criminal Lawyer as Sentencing Looms

Deciding Between Employment & Vaccination is not a Choice: It's Coercion

Make Romance Great Again: How Travel Brought Me The Love of My Life

I Celebrate Father's Day for Breaking The Cycle of Neglect For My Son

Now Offering Writing Consultations with Adam Coleman

My Latest Newsweek Article - Tim Scott on "The View" and Optimism for Black Americans

Why I Stopped Spanking My Child

Journalists Have A Responsibility to Speak For 'Regular People' & Challenge Power

My Latest NY Post Article - Privileged Cuomo Won't Face Consequences

My Experience at Fox News Studios for Fox & Friends First

What is the Meaning of Life?

London's Michaela School Shows What's Possible & How Far Behind America Is

A Message To My Mother on Mother's Day: I Accept You

Cloud of Negativity: Why I Temporarily Disconnected from Twitter

My Latest NY Post Article - Governor Newsom Dodges Reparations Cash Payouts

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Beware of Political "Lone Wolves": You've Been Warned

My Latest Newsweek Article - Homelessness & the Death of Jordan Neely

Working On A New Video Project - Discussing Politics & Culture while Traveling

Gaslighting, Disingenuousness & Exaggeration: The "Book Banning" Debate

My Appearance on Vivek Ramaswamy's Podcast

Banning TikTok is a Trojan Horse to Target Dissenting U.S. Citizens

Loneliness is America's Torturous Parasite

Episode 5: "I'm not on your team" - Rejecting Political Conformity

The Need for COVID Reparations

2 Years After Publishing My Book, God Continues to Bless Me

The Nuclear Family Keeps Child Sex Predators Away

We Aren't Being Judged: Our Political Avatars Are

Adam B. Coleman is Coming To St. Paul, MN This Sunday!

Facing Trauma: I was admitted at 6 years old to a mental hospital

Are we becoming the monsters that we are fighting?

How A Paranormal Event Led Me To Find God Again

Episode 4: "Republicans and the Importance of Race Self-Identification for Black Americans"

How To Spot A 'Chaos Agent' In Politics

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I Gave Up Political Party Affiliation & Chose Me Instead

Episode 3: "Don't Be A Nice Guy, Be A Polite Guy"

Don't Be A 'Nice Guy', Be A 'Polite Guy'

I Almost Moved To Germany But Glad I Stayed In America

I Lost a Friendship with a Dutch Friend Because I Refused to be "Saved" by Him

The "Facts Don't Care About Your Feelings" Mantra Is Hurting, Not Helping

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Episode 2: "Diamond & Dehumanization"

Podcast Episode 1: "I Was Red-Pilled By A British Conservative"

I Was Red-Pilled By A British Conservative

Leftist Big-Tech Algorithm Promotes Racial Animosity On The Right