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Jesus Christ Is More Important Than My Follower Count

"Most leftists are totally humorless." -Monica Crowley | Breaking Bread Clip

From Agnostic to Saved by Jesus

Breaking Bread with Karol Markowicz in Florida | Episode 45

Why Aren't You Keeping Your Promises To Yourself?

My Latest Appearance on Sky News Australia with Rita Panahi

Breaking Bread with Batya Ungar-Sargon | Episode 44

The left has created a taboo around discussing sexual abuse | Batya Ungar-Sargon

Walking Has Brought Me Closer to Good Health and To My Wife

Breaking Bread with Warren Smith in Massachusetts | Episode 43

"Memo to companies, sports teams, colleges: Shut up about politics!"

I Was Radicalized By Online Leftist Content: But Reality Brought Me Back

"I am a Proud Black Man. DEI Undermines Us"

Breaking Bread with Gothix in Rhode Island | Episode 42

I suffered from depression...until I got saved -Gothix

The Boy Scouts Removing 'Boy' From Their Name Shows That Boys Aren't Their Concern Anymore

"Joe Biden was racist and patronizing in his speech to Morehouse grads"

Biden Losing Black Voters, Trump Legal Attacks and A Woeful Economy

"It’s no surprise that Facebook, Nike fell for DEI con artist who preyed on fear of being called racist"

Breaking Bread with Martin Kulldorff in Connecticut | Episode 41

My Appearance on Kathy Barnette's Podcast

"We were mandating the vaccine for people who didn't need it." -Martin Kulldorff

From Doubt to Faith: Discovering God's Ever-Present Guidance

"Kathy Hochul’s dim slur on black kids and computers exposes Dems’ condescending ignorance"

My interview on Bridget Phetasy's Podcast

My Appearance on Sky News Australia's "The U.S. Report" with James Morrow

"I'm scared there is going to be a terrorist attack in this country soon." -Justine Brooke Murray

A Mother's Acceptance is Love and My Mother Accepted Me

"Student debt forgiveness punishes ordinary Americans and cash-strapped graduates by letting greedy universities off the hook"

ANNOUNCEMENT: "Black Victim To Black Victor - Second Edition" is now available!

Breaking Bread with Salome Sibonex in D.C. Metro

"You will find madness in crowds, not so much in individuals." -Salome Sibonex

Why I Wanted To Kill Myself & Why I Chose To Live

'Bad News' - My Latest Epoch Times Article

Pearl, 'Date Nights' Aren't Transactional If You Marry Your Friend

Breaking Bread with Melanie Notkin | Episode 39

Black Lives Matter and the Dogma of the Affluent

"Women want masculine men! They don't want 'Soy Boys'." -Melanie Notkin

My Appearance on Talk TV (UK) with Julia Hartley-Brewer

My Appearance on Sky News Australia with Rita Panahi

My Interview on 'The Will Cain Show' on Fox News

'What’s really behind Gen Zers’ work dysfunction'

Breaking Bread with James Zimmerman in Nashville | Episode 38

'OJ Simpson’s terrible legacy is the shameless way he weaponized race'

I Was 'Touched' By The Holy Spirit After A Relative's Death

'Progressives Side With Criminals Over Their Victims. It's Got to Stop'

Ep. 44 - Victor Not Victim (Adam B. Coleman)

Breaking Bread with Jamile DeSouza-Davies in D.C. | Episode 37

'The globalists are only interested in what they can gain, which isn't's power.' -Jamile DeSouza-Davies

'It's not your imagination, race relations were better in the past'

'The southern borders operates according to the whims of human traffickers, rather than the orders of elected officials'

Breaking Bread with Jennifer Sey in Nashville | Episode 36

I Went From Obese To Modeling For A New Clothing Line: XX-XY Athletics

'Lockdowns are the original sin that can never happen again' -Jennifer Sey | Breaking Bread

'The American government’s aims in cracking down on ByteDance are unlikely to be purely altruistic'

'You Look Just Like Your Daddy' - Emotional and Physical Abuse by Vengeful Mothers

'Bill Maher scolds Americans struggling with inflation as he praises Biden from his private jet'

Breaking Bread with Chloe Cole in Nashville | Episode 35

'Downfall of America’s children starts with the selfishness of parents'

"They were citing suicide rates when my parents pushed back against me transitioning." -Chloe Cole

Who Is Adam B. Coleman? - My Video Origin Story

The Leftist Solution Is To Enable The Problem, Not End It | Episode 34

'The Democratic party has been hijacked by affluent liberals pushing luxury beliefs onto the masses'

"Blackness” Is a Collectivist Control Tactic—Even A Child Could See It

My Appearance on Sky News Australia with Rita Panahi

Breaking Bread with Colin Wright and Christina Buttons in Nashville | Episode 33

The Leftist Solution Is To Enable The Problem, Not End It

"If Republicans were giving sex non-conforming kids surgeries, it would be the biggest scandal." -Colin Wright

American Leftists Project 'Race' Onto The Rest Of The World | Episode 32 | Filmed in 5.7K 10-bit Color

ICYMI: My Latest Appearance on Talk TV (UK) with Julia Hartley-Brewer

American Leftists Project 'Race' Onto The Rest Of The World

Breaking Bread with Karys Rhea | Episode 31

Why Do Republicans Keep Losing? - Live Stream with Tamika Hamilton

'They come from a neo-Marxist, deconstructing, decolonizing narrative.' -Karys Rhea

Dr. Phil exposes ‘The View’ and other media responsible for lockdown harms to our kids

I Feared Being Cancelled For My Views; I Was Embraced Instead

Breaking Bread with Kristal Knight in D.C. | Episode 30

My Latest Appearance on Sky News Australia's 'U.S. Report'

MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT: I will be releasing a second edition of my book "Black Victim To Black Victor"

"If you say, 'I want to be a sanctuary city', how do you pay for it?" -Kristal Knight

'Brazen Mayor Tiffany Henyard shows why local elections matter'

The Podcast Trend Of Using Sexual Abuse Survivors For Entertainment

Breaking Bread with Jason Curtis Anderson & Isaiah Carter | Episode 29

"They [migrants] are the next voter base in NYC" -Isaiah Carter | Breaking Bread Clip

"50% of hotels [in NYC] are migrant hotels" -Journalist Jason Curtis Anderson | Breaking Bread Clip

Breaking Bread with Stephen Kent in Virginia - Episode 28

The Media Is Complicit In The Proliferation of Munchausen Mothers

"The RNC is a bastion for Republicans, not conservativism" -Stephen Kent

The First Time I Told My Wife 'I Love You' Was In Paris

Chloe Cole and I Share Something In Common: The Experts Failed Us As Children

'Why Biden and the Democrats are losing black and Hispanic voters'

Our Children Aren't Resilient; Divorce Breaks Them Often

Breaking Bread with Ron Coleman in Passaic, NJ | Episode 27

My Appearance on the All-American Savage Show with John Burk

"The systems are broken and cannot be repaired. The culture is destroyed. But..." -Ron Coleman

'Mark Cuban is wrong: Blacks don’t need his help to succeed' (Article + Video)

I Never Got To Know My Father's Story

'Do you know why you have your job?' - DEI, Racial Awareness and Communist Tactics | Episode 26

Joy Reid's sneering at 'Moms for Liberty' shows what the elites really think of the people

Breaking Bread with Kelly Jane Torrance - Episode 25

What is Love and What Does it Look Like?

"I don't feel safe on the NYC Subway since the pandemic" -Kelly Jane Torrance / NY Post Opinion Editor

Breaking Bread with David Marcus in West Virginia - Episode 24

White Fatherless Children Are A Casualty Of The 'Oppressor' Narrative

"Fani Willis cloaks herself in God and race to say she’s above criticism"

"My biggest fear is that conservatives will adopt the tactics of the left." -David Marcus

Breaking Bread with Dr. Jay Bhattacharya in London - Episode 23

My Struggle With Self-Image (Despite Weight Loss) and How I'm Fighting Through It

Distant Enablers and Projective Identification: How we enable individuals that we see ourselves in

Lockdowns hurt poor people around the world - Dr. Jay Bhattacharya

"We mustn’t let the terrorists win — anti-Israel activists blockading traffic need real punishment"

Luxury Beliefs Result In Uncomfortable Outcomes (for the poor)

"Why Satanism Can’t Be Considered a Religion"

Breaking Bread with Graham Linehan in London - Episode 22

Claudine Gay Outrage Isn't About Racism or Sexism: It's About Upper Class Interests

"Black Victims To Black Victors" - My Interview on The Kyle Maxwell Podcast

“Perversion They Get Away With Because Of Status”

"Claudine Gay plays the victim as she avoids accountability for her fraud"

"Progressives disappeared when women's rights were attacked" -Graham Linehan

"Memo to Claudine Gay and Her Champions: Being Black Is Not a Handicap"

The Working Poor and the Luxury of Political Concerns

Breaking Bread with Ada Akpala in London - Episode 21